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freehandmehndi closing after 10 years!

Effective April 30th 2017 freehandmehndi will permanently close. This announcement is bitter sweet as both the owner and assistant are moving on to other new and exciting places. It's with sadness that we can't take freehandmehndi with us, but with excitement as we move onto new and exciting opportunities. 

So what does this mean for the website? April 30th 2017 is the expected close date. The website will stop taking orders midnight pst April 30th 2017. Any open orders will be shipped May 1st. We anticipate that all orders and final business will be settled well before that date, but we want to leave extra time for any lingering business that may need to be handled. 

All orders placed on or after March 7th 2017 will be subject to the following;

  • All sales are final (no refunds, exchanges, or returns)
  • Promotional codes do not apply as items will be already deeply discounted
  • Shipping/order processing will take place on Mondays ONLY
  • Express mail shipment is not available

If you'd like to purchase a wholesale lot of items please email us with the list of items and quantities and we will reply with a quote. Please do not inquire how much of an item we have available as inventory changes constantly. If we have what you want, we will sell it to you. Please do not contact us to find out where you can purchase items we do not offer or have sold out of, we will not respond to these emails. 

We will continue to answer emails sent in through December 31st 2017.

Camille will continue to work as a henna artist so please feel free to reach out to her for bookings. 

Closure timeline is as follows

  • Website closure April 30th 2017
  • Social Media account deletion June 1st 2017 (you can still reach us on these platforms until June 1st). We have no intention of deleting the youtube channel or deleting videos, but we will disable comments on June 1st 2017). 
  • Mailing address will change June 1st. We will no longer receive mail at the address listed on the website. 
  • December 31st 2017 we will no longer respond to emails sent after this date.

We know there may be some concerns or comments and we welcome them. 


Thank you for 10 years of awesome henna. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Peace, love, and light.


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